From 1985 to 2008 located in an 18th century slaughterhouse in Pinner,Middlesex. From 2008 to 2014 we were situated in a studio just outside Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire. From May 2014 we moved again to North London.

On 11 September 2015 the Gallery celebrated its 30th Anniversary!!

From this purpose built venue we welcome all those wishing to use our specialist framing and restoration service. Here you can view, BY APPOINTMENT, all our regular artists' work currently in the studio ready for the many Art Fairs we attend during the year.

To purchase a work of art from our website or for more information please ring 07808 612193 or email us on blackstoneart@talk21.com

We accept all major credit cards. Interest Free credit can also be arranged.



23 Oaklands Road

London N20 8AX

(Nearest Station: Totteridge & Whetstone on the Northern Line)


ART COLOURS (50 X 50 mixed media sculpture on Aluminium)by BERNARD SAINT-MAXENT will be exhibited on Stand 36 AT "BUY ART FAIR", THE OLD GRANADA STUDIOS, MANCHESTER from 22 - 25 September 2016



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Regular activities include: Logistics Logistics Revenue and advertising Services and maintenance The pursuits that are supplementary include: Government Data and technology including marketing Resource management Research and growth The five drive product: The five pressure design was coined by Porter, in accordance with him five causes influence a business; these forces contain rivalry, supplier power, alternatives, and limitations to accessibility and consumer power. According as corporations adjust to acquire competitive strengths over their competitors, to him these forces established the type of a. The five causes are discussed below: Rivalry: the level of competition shapes the industry, competition in a industry pushes the firms’ profits to zero and therefore it is obvious that competitiveness in the industry will determines the closing dynamics of the industry. In noncompetitive market forms the corporation could be the price maker and therefore less competition is apparent. Businesses can tend to obtain competitive edge product difference where the competitive advantage of corporations will increase, through modifications inn prices. Producing circulation routes and proven romance with vendors, the amount of competition can change as follows: Competition may improve if corporations have equal share, industry advancement may also affect the degree of rivalry the place where a slow growth in the market can make firms to increase effort to obtain greater share. Product differentiation will also establish rivalry’s amount where the possible lack of difference among businesses can result in increased rivalry. Substitutes: The living or substitutes’ beginning may influence the industry, in cases where the exchange cost adjustments then the industry will positively affect.

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